4th Edition Gnome Rouge


Initiative 3 ~ speed 5 ~ hit points 22 ~ healing surges 6

str 12 ~ con 10 ~ dex 16 ~ int 12 ~ wis 10 ~ cha 18

Fort 11 ~ Ref 15 ~ Will 14 insight pass 10 ~ perception pass 10


Hand Crossbow 5vsAC 1d6+3 Short Sword 5vsAC 1d6+1

Race Features

reactive stealth ~ fade away ~ fey origin ~ tricksters cunning ~ master trickster

class features

first strike ~ artful dodger ~ rouge weap talent ~ sneak attack


Arkhosian hi style


At-will *

Piercing Strike ~ Duelists Fury ~ Switcharoo


Fade Away ~ Ghost Sound ~ Positioning Strike


Pommel Smash


Born in the sprawling metropolis of Alta, Alvyn found himself orphaned and on the streets at a young age. Fortunately he was spared the slow death that accompanies most street urchins when he was discovered by a member of one of the local thieves guilds.

His small stature made him ideal for sneaking into hard to reach areas and one of his signature methods was to have his partner Edgar Frostheim lower him down a homes chimney with sacks tied to both his legs. Upon filling the sacks he would then be hoisted back up through the chimney, earning him the nickname “the Charcoal Gnome” due to the large amount of soot that would coat his body. After securing their ill gotten gains, Alvyn and Edgar would return to their hideout to split their loot.

After a number of years pulling jobs on smaller noble families Alvyn and Edgar decided to pull the proverbial “big one”, a heist on the Magistrates mansion. However the job went south when one of the household servants happened upon Alvyn, he managed to make it back to the fireplace and get hoisted back up, but after they had managed to remove the bags from his legs Edgar pushed Alvyn back down the chimney.

Badly injured and in immense pain Alvyn was captured by the guard and imprisoned, barely evaded the hangman. years later when he was released Alvyn tracked down information on Edgar and found that he had used the wealth he had gained from the mansion heist to rise to the top of the thieves guild.

Filled with anger, and a healthy desire for revenge, Alvyn set forth with a plan to kill Edgar…

it did not go well.


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