A proud warrior with no master left to serve, Rhogar roams the land in search of a way to regain his honor and bring justice to those that killed his former charge.


Ranger – Ranged Attack Path 29 HP 19 AC Saves 10F/16R/13W Weapons: Greatbow Ammo: 18

Skills (trained): Athletics Heal Nature Perception Stealth

Feats: Defensive Mobility Lethal Hunter Improved Initiative

AWP: Careful Attack Twin Strike

EP: Two-Fanged Strike Dragon Breath (Race ability)

DP: Split the Tree


Physical Description

Rhogar stands 6’7 tall. His nearly mature scales bear the deep, reddish-brown hue of his familial heritage. In the past, some have mistaken his natural scutes for a rusted suit of scale armor. Below this epidermal layer of hard, bony defense, the osteothermic underlayer of his skin is a much softer pinkish-red, as one might find in a pink orchid. The thin slits of reptillian eyes are naturally green/brown, but in sunlight take on a gold tint.


In the high foothills, near the top of the treeline en route to the peak of the great mountain, nestled a village home to an enclave of the last survivors of the Dragonborn. These few, proud survivors live far from the homes and trails of the main species and carry on the ways of their culture as if the many millenia since their race dominated the world never passed. Brought up in this simple, devout way of life, a young hatchling was raised to follow in the footsteps of forgotten generations as a member of the Kriv-Sharash, or ceremonial guardians of the village. From his first stumbling steps at the tender age of 4, the hatchling is taught the ways of the Kriv-Sharash. Learning daily the trifecta of combat, nature and the teachings of Bahamut, the dragon god.

As the final step of Kriv-Sharash training, the initiate must survive a month on their own in the hostile wilderness of the mountain with no contact with the village. “Before the flock can stand on the back of the one, he must first learn to stand on his own.” With these words and the image of the heavy gates of the village creaking shut behind him, the young hatchling departs on the Vernal Equinox of his seventeenth year to earn the right to take on his father’s armor, and role as village protector.

After a month of digging worms to eat, chasing down rabbits, and sleeping under the canopy of the trees, the hatchling returns to the village. What he finds when he returns is naught but charred posts and poorly dug graves. The only indication of what happened a strange symbol etched into a greave near one of the gravesites. From nearly earning the honor he had worked his entire life for, Rhogar found himself without a master, charge, or home to defend. Feeling responsible for not having completed the training sooner and for being gone when the attack occurred, Rhogar set off into the world to seek a new charge and get an opportunity to regain his honor by avenging his village.

Having never experienced outside cultures before, Rhogar faced difficulty adapting to the outside world. The closed mindedness of the Humans and Elves towards outsiders made it difficult for him to settle into society. He became a nomad, wandering from town to town, taking stray jobs hoping someday to find a place to call home.

After several years of this lifestyle, he stumbled into the small town of Norham. Having failed on his own to assist a nearby hamlet with defending themselves against a raucous band of adventurers that routinely stop by and eat most of the village’s food reserves, Rhogar was beat within an inch of his life and survived only on the kindness of the remaining villagers who had survived the attempt to stand their ground against the brigands. When he was nearly recovered, they came again, and it was agreed by all it best he not be caught in the village alive. As he was leaving, one of the adventurers recognized him, and they took up pursuit. Rhogar was followed by them to the town, beating them only by a few hours on account of his superior ability to navigate the forest around Norham. Once they caught up with him, they promptly sought to finish him off. However, another band of adventurers came to his aid at the last moment.


Light of Chaos Rogue