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I have been horrible at updating. Thanks to Colin for doing session summaries, i’m sorry that this wiki is missing quite a bit.

Experience Tracker

Current Party Members

Character Class Race Level Experience Next Level Played By
3 Monk Warforged 9 18604 1895 Dan
Alek Bard Half-Elf 8 13735 2765 Ashley
Elmiria RunePriest Elf 7 11140 1860 Brian
Izzussan Paladin Githyanki 7 11655 1345 Mark
Leshanna Wizard Eladrin 7 12495 505 Emily
Kashlia Ranger Elf 8 13050 3450 Colin

Former Members

Character Class Race Levels With Party Played By Status
Alvyn Rogue Gnome 1-5 Dan Dead: Killed by Edgar
Azure Warlord Human 4-5 Colin Dead:Sliced by Pendulum
Cliff Fighter Shifter, Longtooth 1-9 Arjun Executed by Kashlia after he betrayed the party
Ditran Psion Dwarf 2 Adrienne Alive: Last seen in Hammerfast
Durendal Assassin Revenant (Elf) 1 Brian “Alive”: Reverted
John Socerer/Rogue Human 5-8 Dan Mauled to Death by wolves
Oraefo Bard Changeling 1 Ashley “Alive”: Magically “Transformed” into Alek
Rattington Mount Dire Rat Dan Dead: Mauled by Drakes
Rhogar Ranger Dragonborn 1-4 Colin Dead: Mobbed to Death by Goblins



Hidden Halfling Villiage and Avandra’s Temple

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

Dungeon of the Fire Opal

Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9

Spies in the Midst of Hammerfast

Session 10 Session 11 Session 12 Session 13

Cliff Captured

Session 14 Session 15

Off to Get Edgar!

Session 16 Session 17

… And we stopped writing it all down

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