Light of Chaos

Session 15

The ashes of Rhogar’s funeral pyre die down to embers and the party focuses on the new task at hand. The loss of their tracker and the one behind the quest for Cliff has left them shaken and undecided, and it takes a while to decide to continue with the rescue of Cliff. Eventually, they agree favorably and backtrack to where Alvyn encountered them.

The cavern is abandoned. Searching the area reveals drag marks and a trail that is not too difficult to follow. The track it through the narrowing passages of the cave until the path splits. Heavier footprints head north, while lighter ones continue south. The drag marks have also stopped. The party follows the heavier prints.

The passage narrows and forces them to proceed single file. Many off-shoots appear in the walls, but they hold true. Izzussan pauses the party before a turn in the path, and informs them he hears something. Alvyn tries to sneak around the corner, but Izzussan’s clanking armor fails the attempt. As a result, Alvyn rounds the corner right into the claws of a giant bear in mid-swipe. Rending his collarbone, he cries out in pain and surprise but continues.

Alvyn is cornered, and takes a brutal beating at the hands of the trapped creature, held in place by a chain to guard – or eat – something or someone. However they manage to defeat it before it eats him, and escape to the outside world.
Outside opens into a dense forest. They pick up a trail in the woods, and proceed forth. It is getting dark and so they opt to camp for the night. While they are trying to sleep, a pack of wolves attacks the party. In their weary, bone-tired state, they can’t seem to connect with the wolves but nevertheless hold their own. It’s a battle of attrition, but finally the party is victorious.
Sort of.
In the process, the uncontrolled use of fire magic ignites the party’s tent. The tent fire, untended, ignites a nearby tree, which soon sets off several trees around it. By the end of the battle, the fire has jumped to several surrounding trees and become beyond control. The party has little time and has to book it back to the cave, the raging fire hot on their heels.

Cliff’s story insert here after metagaming is no longer a problem

The party passes out in the room they started the day – the room Rhogar was cremated in. Afraid that they have lost Cliff’s trail forever, they agree to abandon the search for him, and continue with the quest for Edgar.But first, they want to investigate the last section of the cave they have not yet investigated – the path south off the room they are in.
As they proceed, they hear voices. Alek translates the goblin speak and hears a shocked and amazed Goblin foraging party just returned from their latest foray. They think that THEIR clan has burnt the forest down, and can’t figure out where they have gone. They don’t even notice when Alvyn walks right in until he’s a few feet away. The veteran fighter looks at him in disbelief. Alvyn, surveying the 5 on 1 odds, turns and runs away.
The goblins get a good laugh at this, and start joking about their bravado. The laughter covers the sound of Izzussan and the other’s approach. A flaming arrow rains down on the surprised group and one of the smaller goblins crumples. Another falls under Alek’s cutting word. Alvyn sneaks up on a third, one of the taller ones. He climbs a rock and jumps on the creature’s back, stabbing mercilessly. Trying to get the gnome off, the goblin does the first thing that comes to mind – he runs forward – straight into an underground river running along the far corner of the room. He and Alvyn disappear from sight.
Alek runs forward and lets out rope near where the river disappears under a rock overhang and out of sight. Izzussan continues to rain death down upon the remaining goblins, and Elmiria strikes another down with destructive spellcasting. The last small goblin collapses, and the final one is pushed into the river by the force of Elmiria’s spell.
In the river, Alvyn struggles with the goblin – still stabbing him – as he tries to get free and swim to safety. The current is FAST and has already carried him far from the party by the time he breaks free from his foe.
Back in the cave, the others, seeing no alternative, take a plunge and give chase.
Cliff—fore reasons thus far not disclosed, is fishing in the river with his bare hands. He has dived down to the riverbed in search of fish, and is about to lay claim to his first catch when, instead of closing around tasty, gill-covered flesh, he grabs… Alvyn. Frustrated, he throws Alvyn clear out of the river and onto the bank. . . . .moments before the goblin Alvyn had previously been engaged with tumbles down into him, knocking him out at the knees. They now tumble down the river together. THe goblin stabbing and Cliff biting right back.
Alvyn stands up on shore and finds himself face to face with the group of adventurers that had kidnapped Cliff to begin with.
“Please don’t kill me,” he gasps, “You would NOT believe the day I’ve had, and I do NOT want to leave this world on this note.”
One of the others nods and makes Alvyn drop his sword, then indicates a place he can sit under supervision. Alvyn acquiesces.
In the river, the other goblin makes it to shore under his own power, and runs off into the burnt forest. Still not sure exactly what just happened.
Alek, Elmiria and Izzussan continue to be swept along by the river. Izzussan struggles to swim in his armor and winds up being dragged along the bottom. Good thing he can hold his breath. Watch out Guybrush!
Everyone in the river eventually meets up in a battle against the final goblin as the river reaches a shallow point. Perhaps fittingly, Cliff, unarmed, deals the final blow – gnawing the neck of the goblin and severing the artery. Cliff then leads the group back upstream. As they approach, both sets of adventurers recognize the other. . . . . .
“YOU!!!” All nine people cry at once. Except Alvyn, who simply exclaims “This just isn’t my day.” And collapses.



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