Light of Chaos

Session 18

What is this feeling?

Foreboding. As the corpses of Edgar’s front guard lay at their feet, the party can’t help but feel it settling over them like a blanket of darkness. But they have come too far now to stop. Edgar is close – and with his capture, the end to the troubles in Hammerfast and the final chapter of Alvyn’s story…
Following the path, they soon come upon an encampment. Through the faces of a few familiar foes, they quickly determine whose camp this is. Alvyn goes to sneak into the camp, and successfully infiltrates Edgar’s tent – only to find it empty. His party is noticed quickly and are attacked while he is inside.
The ensuing fight is bitter and drawn out, but eventually, the party is victorious. After resting off their wounds, they find a ladder leading down into an underground passage. Alvyn tells the party to stay behind while he scouts ahead – following a group of soldiers through the twisting maze. Leshanna, Alek, and Elmiria follow slowly, while Cliff and Azure remain behind playing hackey sack with a bag of potpourri Cliff has acquired.
A wandering patrol happens upon all but Alvyn, and a battle ensues. After which, the party reunites with Alvyn and they continue deeper into the maze….



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